"Reorienting your everyday work experience"

For his first six years in the marketplace, Nate Belkstrom struggled to find value and significance in his work experience. While the bills were being paid, Belkstrom longed to see more to his job than just earning money to pay the bills. Like the saying goes, “I owe, I owe, I owe. So off to work I go.” There had to be more of a purpose to work than that.

Up to 90% of all people have never heard a sermon or read a book about work. Belkstrom was one of those people. After five years on his job, one day Belkstrom desperately prayed that the Lord would change his job. However, instead of his job being changed, Belkstrom begin to study Bible scriptures about work. He found that there were about 500 references in the Bible to work, and most of them looked at work in a positive way. Belkstrom discovered that instead of work being an interruption to our spiritual life, work is a primary way we live and express our Christian values. He takes great joy in helping to change peoples lives by changing their workplace experience.

Workplace Nugget

Your job is not an interruption of your spiritual life, but the primary way you demonstrate the character of Jesus to the world.