"Reorienting your everyday work experience"

Two awesome Testimonies

She (Ania) is a cleaning lady in Belarus. It’s a job like many other people her age have in Belarus. When we first met Ania, she shared this story with us. She had come into contact with our ministry, and it drastically changed the way she viewed her job. Instead of complaining about her job, Ania started to embrace her job.

Ania would show up at her job everyday happy that she had a job, grateful to the Lord for her job. Soon people started to ask, “Ania, why are you so happy? You are just a cleaning lady like the rest of us.” In response to the questions of other employees, Ania had the opportunity to share about her joy at work, about her faith in Christ. It wasn’t long and the 20 people that she worked with had committed their lives to Jesus. Some time after that, Ania received a salary increase and a promotion. (This is very rare in Belarus.)

Soon Ania was supervising another group of 20 people. Guess what? The results were the same as with the first 20 people! It’s amazing what can happen when we allow ourselves to be joyful at work and become grateful for our jobs. Ania’s lifestyle at work forever impacted the lives of 40 people.


Marian is a well-to-do business owner in Romania. In fact, he has several businesses. One of his businesses is a meat testing laboratory with over 20 employees. More than a year ago we did a afternoon workshop for his employees, talking about the value and purpose of work. Most of the employees were either Orthodox or had no religious faith. They all seemed to listen intently, and I sensed that it was a pleasant experience for everyone.

Several months later when I returned to Romania, Marian told me that the atmosphere at the company (lack of complaining, kindness, overall increase in having a positive attitude) had so improved that he doubled every person’s salary! Marian was quick to point out that the atmosphere of the company improved first, and afterwards, came the increase in salary. Today there is a daily Bible Study that now meets at the business.