"Reorienting your everyday work experience"

Nate Belkstrom has been pastor of "Living Word Church" in Redwood Falls, MN for more than 25 years. Before that, he spent several years in the business world. He and his wife, Chris, spend several months each year in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe and also traveling throughout the United States. Chris is a licensed practical nurse and uses her medical training both in America and overseas. They have two children, Amy and Corey. Amy is married and works in corporate payroll for Wells Fargo. Corey is also married and is a financial analyst for IBM.

"Victory in the Workplace" ministries began in 1993. The purpose of "Victory in the Workplace" is to help change people's lives by changing their workplace experience. Through conferences, books and special meetings, many people begin to see their job in a whole new light. Settings that work well are businesses (yes, even businesses where the majority of people are not practicing Christians), university classrooms, Bible Schools or churches. The teachings are well-received, sometimes life changing.

In 1993, we started "Victory in the Workplace" in America.  Since 1995, we have expanded to these former communist countries in Eastern Europe:  Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic.