"Reorienting your everyday work experience"


"The workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours. It is very important how we view the workplace. I believe that God has put an understanding in the heart of Nate Belkstrom concerning work. This teaching reaches all facets of the workplace from homemaker to executive.

We have had the privilege of this teaching in our church, and many testified how they were helped. Nate Belkstrom ministered with power and respect for the local church."
Greenfield, MO

"I so enjoyed your ministry time we had here in Janesville. You have a rich experience of the things of God, and you have been faithful to answer and follow the leading of the Lord."
Pastor Tim Hartley
Harvesters Church
Janesville, WI

"I was excited by the vision and understanding of the working Christian’s role in evangelism for this time. Nate Belkstrom’s perspective and teaching put value on each person’s role in society wherever they may find themselves."
Pastor Tom Burt
The Father’s Family Church
Exeter, NH

"I believe “Victory in the Workplace” is very timely. It is an excellent book to give to people who are having difficulty in these areas. I believe the book should be read by everyone, especially pastors as they counsel people."
Rev. Jim Kaseman
President Association of Faith Churches and Ministries

"I would like to recommend the ministry of Nate Belkstrom. The seminars would benefit you as a Pastor and benefit your church. His style and understanding of ministry gives him insight into living a Christian life in the working world."
W.D. Baker
President, International Word Fellowship
Chouteau, OK

"I don’t know why the truths about work from scripture haven’t been preached more."
Princeton, MN

"Nate Belkstrom’s spirituality of work is a needed counter-cultural way of seeing our day-to-day labor as a positive force for good in the world. Whatever our work, we do it for the Lord and for the benefit of our employer and fellow employees. I recommend Belkstrom’s writings on Christianity in the workplace."
Spicer, MN

"Nate Belkstrom presented an employee training session on the value and purpose of work. This inspiring session was very informative and beneficial to our staff at the Good Samaritan Communities of Redwood Falls. We highly recommend his presentation."
Roxann Rossow
Resource Development Coordinator
Redwood Falls, MN

"Nate’s book “Victory in the Workplace” is a masterpiece. Clear, concise, to the point, and adaptable to any place in the world."
Biloxi, MS

"I think maybe you were ahead of your time with the workplace ministry."
Tom Shanklin
Mankato, MN

What Others Overseas Are Saying

"Nate has a relevant word for ALL Christians today!"
Dennis and Linda Sheehan
Directors of “Christ for the Nations”
Gdynia, Poland 

"The topic is Nate's calling and passion and it shows. He sees work as a spiritual activity, and yet is very practical, so every man and woman of work, from cleaners to managers, can take something for their work life. 
It was revealing to learn that I might be the only Christian book my work colleagues would ever read. The book contains practical advice on how to behave in different work situations."

Marcin Grabinski
Benzin, Poland

"The Institute is very grateful to Nate Belkstrom for very interesting and professional lectures which were given to the students and faculty of the Economics Institute."
G. H.
Minsk, Belarus

High School Students
Business and Ethics Class
Brasov, Romania
"Nate really knows how to get to you by just talking. He’s funny, with common sense, and I would like to hear him again."

"It was amazing. He made me realize how important respect, value and honor are."

"He was so enthusiastic about everything. He influenced my way of thinking. I feel better about myself for finding out all those things."

"Very persuasive."
"Looking at rebuilding a nation, the foundations of a work ethic must be in place. We not only believe that Nate and his family are well equipped to meet this need, we have already seen them move in the anointing to do it. There is great fruit already."
Eastern Europe

"After the conference, I was so motivated to go to work and do my job."
Roxanna Voicu
Director of Pro Life Counseling Center
Bucharest, Romania

Christians in the Workplace