"Reorienting your everyday work experience"



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Book:   Victory in the Workplace

 Are you discontented and bored with your job?

Do you longingly look forward to the weekend?

*This book is an excellent read for Christians as well as those who do not claim to be Christian or even religious.*

Do you work in an office or with a group of people? Consider giving a copy to every person you work with. You’ll be glad you did!

$8.00 USD for one book, plus S & H 
           (10 or more are $6.00 USD plus S & H)

Chapters include,

    • “Work, is it Sacred or Secular”
    • “Who’s the Boss?”
    • “The Rewards for Doing Work Right”

“I cried and wept as I read the book, and the Lord dealt with my heart and my attitudes.”
Krena, Bucharest, Romania

“Victory in the Workplace” has been published in English, Russian, Polish and Romanian. In 2010, it will be available in Czech.

"I believe 'Victory in the Workplace' is very timely. It is an excellent book to give to people who are having difficulty in these areas. I believe the book should be read by everyone, especially pastors as they counsel people."
Rev. Jim Kaseman President Association of Faith Churches and Ministries

“Victory in the Workplace” was first published in 1998. This book is a classic and a must read for anyone who has a job or is looking for a job. This book is an easy read and dynamic in its ability to impact your work experience.