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Book:   You, Your Job, Your Nation

Do you sometimes feel like you are on God’s “B Team” and not his “A Team?”

This book is for you!

"You, Your Job, Your Nation" picks up where "Victory in the Workplace" leaves off.  Belkstrom shows from both Bible examples and life situations how doing your job right not only improves your personal experience, but can impact large numbers of people.  Enough people doing their work the Bible way can change the course of a nation.  It's happened before.  Have you heard of George Washington Carver? Or Albert Einstein? 

Pause for a moment and take this simple survey:

  • How many co-workers do you have? ______
  • How many customers do you work with? ______
  • How many suppliers (venders) do you work with? ______
  • How many competitors do you know? ______
  • Total number you have relationship with at work ______

Consider this.  The average church in America is less than 100 people. What catches the attention of people more, what you say in church or how you live at work?

"The evening I was reading the book, there was a soccer game between Poland and Ireland. Normally I would watch the game, but the book was so interesting that I couldn't stop reading." M.G.                                                                                                                            Benzin, Poland

$8.00 USD for one book, plus S&H                                              Quantities of 10 or more are $6.00 USD each, plus S & H

“You, Your Job, Your Nation” is available in English, Russian, Polish and Romanian. In 2010, it will be available in Czech.