"Reorienting your everyday work experience"


By Nate Belkstrom

What does God want me to do with my life? What is my purpose? Is there something I am "called" to do on this earth? Who hasn't asked these questions? I like to keep things simple, especially spiritual things. Consider one of my favorite examples. Lester Sumrall, outstanding missionary, author and pastor, emphatically stated, "Ninety eight percent of all Christians are in the will of God and don't know it. They are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, looking for it."

How many people spend much of their lives wondering what they should be doing, instead of simply putting their heart into what they are presently doing? Jesus said to do the will of God. (Mark 3:35) Do it. Don't look for it. You only look for things you have lost. If you can't find your car keys, you start looking for them. If they are in your pocket, and you know it, wouldn't it be foolish and a waste of time to look for them?

When it comes to God's will and God's plan for your life, begin with the assumption that you are in it, right now, today, instead of thinking that you are out of it and have to somehow find it. Realize that if you are blatantly doing something that you know scripture says is wrong, that's different. That obviously needs to be corrected before a person can be in God's will. An example would be: Living in sin is never God's plan for a person.

Now that we have taken care of the exceptions, please allow yourself the privilege of thinking that you just might be in God's will for your life. Where you are and the type of work that you are doing, may just be God's plan for you. That doesn't mean you will be stuck in a "dead end job" forever. I'm simply saying, embrace what you now have, pour your heart into it; and whatever the next step is, our God is big enough and wise enough to get you to that step.

What's God's will for most of us? To love Him and serve Him at home, work, and church. Obviously, that includes when you are at your children's sports event, the grocery store and with your neighbors. Love and serve God and your fellow man at home, work and church. You might think that sounds so mundane and boring. It's not at all! Doing home, work and church right, and doing it for the right reasons, will more than keep you occupied AND reward you in ways beyond a salary increase. Jesus talked about the significance of giving someone a cup of cold water.

Your life and what you do matters to God and should matter to you. Stop frantically running around trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Enjoy being in the will of God.

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