"Reorienting your everyday work experience"

Could your church or business benefit from a “Victory in the Workplace” Conference?

What do you think of when you think of a conference about work?   Something boring, but necessary, perhaps like going to the dentist. (Our apologies to all dentists.) Time and again people mention that it is Belkstrom’s enthusiasm and passion for “Victory in the Workplace” that helps fully communicate the message. Sometimes humorous, always practical, potentially life changing. Feel free to contact us today for available dates or to order books.

Your church, your Men’s group, your youth group, or your business will be energized by hosting a seminar. While doing seminars for businesses, Belkstrom has an unique ability to present Biblical truths in a non-threatening way.

“Victory in the Workplace” conferences have been held for organizations such as, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Workplace  Nugget

There are 41 recorded miracles in the book of Acts.  Forty took place away from the synagogue (we would use the term church today). 

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*Note, conferences can be uniquely tailored to the uniqueness of your situation.*

Christians in the Workplace