Nate Belkstrom’s passion is to help people see their value as a person and the value of your job.

What you do makes a difference!


Victory in the workplace

VICTORY IN THE WORKPLACE has helped thousands of people throughout Eastern Europe
and America to find value and propose in their Monday through Friday (workplace experience.)

Is work spiritual or natural?

Modern day Christians often feel work is a punishment for Adam’s sin in the garden.
When you wake up on Monday, how do you feel about the beginning of a new work week?

80% of people

About 80% of people hate or strongly dislike their boss and their job. Do you?
Learn key principles of human behavior that can cause even a “bad boss” to become your ally.

Just enough?

Do you get paid just enough not to quit your jobs and work just hard enough not to get fired?
Learn a basic life changing skill that will set you apart and qualify you for promotion.

Need a job or looking for a job?

Learn to avoid the emotional pitfalls that an unemployed person can fall into.
Learn four basic principles that can quickly take you from unemployed to employed. These truths have worked for others and they will work for you!

Book of the month




Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things that are radically transforming school, companies, and cities! Our purpose is to help your church provide the training that launches people into their Monday through Friday ministry which they are called too. How strong will your church be if most of your congregation had a ministry mindset every day?


 85% of what people need to know to be successful in business has to do with “people skills.” Victory In the Workplace provides your staff motivational training in people skills that can set you apart from the norm. After attending a seminar many people make statements like, “Now I am so motivated to go to work.”!

How to win

How to win over the daily grind and have a positive attitude about your work. Improve the workplace atmosphere, productivity and job satisfaction of all employees of your business.


“Very few teaching ministries have the impact that Nate’ s Victory in the Workplace has. His teaching is simple but profound, pragmatic, but theological, serious, but fun! It contains the wisdom and inspiration that converts us from a Sunday Christian to a full time fruitful and joyful one!”

Catalin Baciu

Teen Challenge Romania

“CRU Ministry in Romania has been partners with Victory in the Workplace for more than 7 years. We have organized many conferences in churches and in secular places, having Nate Belkstrom as speaker. We see great results in peoples lives who attended. Nate is a very dynamic, funny, and in the same time very solid Biblical speaker. His teaching is much needed for Christians and for nonbelievers. The fact that his books are translated in Romanian is a big gift for our nation. I see a big transformation of our society if christians will have a good atitude and a good testimony at their work. I really enjoy Nate's talks and his friendship.”

Ionel Zaharie

CRU Ministry in Romania

Workplace nugget

The typical person will spend about 80,000 hours of their life working, far more hours than you will spend doing anything else. It’s time to begin to understand why.